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E-retail guide 2023 des équipes Avène monde (70 p.) : DNA, guidelines, Do’s & Dont’s, templates e-commerce.

Extrait :
(...) “The effectiveness of Eau Thermale Avène products is based on scientific innovation and a unique alliance between dermatological expertise and the power of Avène thermal spring water.

At the heart of every Avène product, Avène thermal spring water has been enriched with minerals and trace elements for over half a century to achieve an optimal mineral balance and a specific microflora that gives it its unique and exceptional character at the service of the most sensitive skin.

At Eau Thermale Avène, we are convinced that dermo-cosmetics must be both useful and responsible. That's why we are committed every day to producing high-quality skin care products, while preserving the natural environment of Avène-les-Bains and reducing our impact on the environment. That's why our development and production processes are part of a continuous improvement process.

Every product we offer is designed with efficiency, safety and the preservation of natural resources in mind.“ (...)